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Tue Dec 30 07:04:25 GMT 2003

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Well, I'm still fighting my new laptop. I have tried just about everything I
can think of to stop the pauses.
Originally, I thought it was arts, but I've tried several different versions
of arts, and that's not it. I've tried building excessively stripped kernels,
with and without acpi and that doesn't matter. I have disabled apm on the
hard drive so it is spinning constantly, but that didn't work.

Finally, tonight, I stumbled apon a solution. Gnome.
I installed Dropline Gnome for slackware. DVD's play fine, no pausing,
everything seems to be quite okay in Gnome.
So now, do I switch to Gnome, and have to find all the programs to replace my
beloved KDE programs, or do I keep trying to figure out what part of KDE is
causing these system hangs every few seconds?

I'm at a loss now. I really hate to abandon all my years of KDE so I can
become a Gnome guy. I can't find any good editors like Kate, and I sincerely
love Kmail. Evolution I just can't stand...

Is there anyone that is real familiar with KDE internals that might be able to
tell me what is causing the .25 second hangs every few seconds while in KDE ?

Like, if I watch a DVD with xine, or play Quake3 it will pause and burp every
few seconds.. I guess hiccup is the right word.
In Gnome it doesn't do this. I can only imagine it is something KDE is
running. I've noticed with top -d .5  'kinit' seems to pop up every other
second and immediately goes away. Is it polling for something???

I don't want to give up my Kate. Are there any good replacements for it in
Gnome? I do a lot of perl, c, bash, html, php and other stuff. I love the
syntax hilighting. Any ideas?

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