What resets the QuickStart Menu items ?

Izo I at siol.net
Sat Dec 13 08:47:51 GMT 2003

Still seeking the answer on following question posted some days ago:

Iztok Kobal wrote:

> KDE-3.2.0b1
> Yet, I've set the Desktop->Panels->QuickStart Menu Items to most 
> frequently used apps and for 20 of them. But it never really came even 
> near to this number since every few days (e.g. 7, I do not know 
> exactly) something resets this list. Can this behavior be controlled 
> somehow or this is simply temporary KDE software glitch ?
> Iztok

I am now expanding it to KDE-3.2.0b2 since I have compiled it from 
sources using Konstruct. The behaviour is just the same - the QuickMenu 
list resets every few days for not evident reason.


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