PowerPoint Viewer

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Dec 12 02:48:19 GMT 2003

Chris Helmers wrote:
> Work has bought me a new machine on which is installed Redhat 9.0. I'm 
> using KDE as my window manager & I can't figure out what KDE's 
> equivalent to a PowerPoint viewer is. Kpresenter is a PowerPoint-like 
> app, but what do I do to be able to double-click on a PPS file and 
> have it display?

You need to setup your MIME type so that it is associated with the application you want to 
use.  In the: "File Associations" section of the Konqueror KCM, choose: 

You should be able to install Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer with the current version of 
WINE.  If you want a better user interface for installing Windows applications, you can 
purchase CrossOver Office from CodeWeavers.

If using WINE and Microsoft Power Point Viewer, you might want to write a script so that 
you don't need a long command line in your '*.desktop' file'.

Or, you can use OpenOffice or KOffice.


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