What resets the QuickStart Menu items ?

Izo I at siol.net
Wed Dec 10 07:30:34 GMT 2003

jason pearl wrote:

> did you look in all of the configurations of the desktop??

Yes. Maybe I have missed something, but there are only controls to set 
the list length and the mode about how to fill it. I've not seen the 
control about the reset cycle. Have you ?

> if you did  i woud send in a bug report

Since the QuickStart menu list was being reset in all my KDE-3.x.x 
versions and installations to date, yet the cycle was about 1 month, I 
assumed that this might be a feature. So I've posted the question.

And I just do not think that the Bugzilla is the right place to post the 
queries where the probablility that they would show up as a bugs is less 
than 50%. One must be almost certain that he was dealing with the bug 
before he would submit it into Bugzilla. I just supposed that this 
newsgroup was meant for such inquieries and debates.

And yes, I will certainly submit it as a bug if I do not get an answer 
in next few days. But I am somehow sceptic about getting the answer, 
ever, since the KDE bug list is more than extensive ...


> On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 11:21, Iztok Kobal wrote:
>>I am posting this again since nobody answered.
>>Yet, I've set the Desktop->Panels->QuickStart Menu Items to most
>>frequently used apps and for 20 of them. But it never really came even
>>near to this number since every few days (e.g. 7, I do not know exactly)
>>something resets this list. Can this behavior be controlled somehow or
>>this is simply temporary KDE software glitch ?

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