It would be nice to have a KDE Linux 3.2 Distribution

Lukas Molzberger molzberg at
Tue Dec 9 11:33:13 GMT 2003

I've been using KDE for several years now and I am a big fan of it. So far my 
favorite distribution has been SuSE, because it's a very nice distro and it  
supported KDE very well. That's also the reason why I bought almost every 
Version of SuSE Linux instead of just downloading it from the net. But now, 
since SuSE has been bought by Novell, I'm not sure if SuSE Linux is still the 
right choice for me. I don't see much use in buying SuSE Linux, when most of 
the money will be invested in things like Ximian or Server Software that I 
will never use. Beside that KDE for me is the only place where I would like 
to see more improvements. I mean KDE is already very nice and the best Linux 
Desktop out there, but projects like the Linux kernel or many libraries are 
finished from the desktop users perpective and don't need much further 
What I'm suggesting is to make a KDE Linux 3.2 distribution where I as a KDE 
user can be sure that the money will be invested the right way. This 
distribution could be sold through for example book shops the way SuSE Linux 
is sold today. It could be based on either SuSE Linux the way the Java 
Desktop is based on SuSE or it could be based on Debian like Knoppix. The 
distribution should also have the same release cycle as KDE.

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