KDE image viewers

Renato Machado de Sousa ra002388 at ic.unicamp.br
Wed Aug 27 02:44:35 BST 2003

Given the latest features of kuickshow and kview, they are beginning to
overlap (if I want to view a series of pictures (comic books, not pr0n!),
do I use kuickshow or kview + browse plugin?)

Not only that, but (IMHO) they still lag behind PixiePlus (which was the
imageviewer in 2.2). Of course, pixie has been greatly deKDEized (NO
config screen, vaaaarious assumptions instead of options, look n' feel
incoherent with the desktop (doubleclicks!!!)).

IMHO, if there were to be 2 viewers at all in the project, they should be:

1) Pixie Plus or feature equivalent: Viewer, Bulk transformer, generator
of web gallery, Variable size thumbs, option to NOT generate thumbs
automatically, etc.

2) QUICK light viewer with very low startup time. Think Kaboodle. Kview
fits well in this category (but of course something for this use needs no

But still, I'd prefer if it were only one viewer, with toggle
quickview/browse (ACDSee, gtksee) functionality.

Also, I'd like to ask how the packages to be included in the KDE main
distribution are selected. Is there some kind of election, or do the
managers just pick up the best in its job and KDEize it (as is happening
with Kopete right now)?

Renato Machado de Sousa

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