sub-pixel hinting

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Mon Aug 25 22:31:53 BST 2003

rhubarbpie at wrote:
> I'm unable to invoke sub-pixel hinting with KDE 3.1 using the Mandrake 9.1 distribution.
> KStart.Configuration.KDE.LookNFeel.Fonts.Use sub-pixel hinting
> I can check, apply and save the option but no font change occurs.  When I again access the option the box is unchecked.

It is possible that that option doesn't work if you are using FontConfig 
and/or Xft[2] with Qt.

There is no GUI for FontConfig so you will need to edit:


and uncomment the section for sub pixel rendering.  This has: "rgb" as the 
default.  If your flat screen is: bgr", you will also need to change the 
'rgb' in this line (ONLY):

	<edit name="rgba" mode="assign"><const>rgb</const></edit>


	<edit name="rgba" mode="assign"><const>bgr</const></edit>

NOTE: despite some statements to the contrary, sub pixel rendering only 
works on digitally driven flat screens.

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