reload a konqueror window with dcop

Andrew Wendt awendt at
Mon Aug 25 17:33:32 BST 2003

On Monday 25 August 2003 11:56, Hendrik Noot wrote:
> I want to reload a Konqueror window with DCOP. I found the following
> commands:
> dcop konqueror-*pid* konqueror-mainwindow#1 actions
> dcop konqueror-*pid* konqueror-mainwindow#1 action *command*
> actions gives me a list of commands and action seems to be the command to
> execute these. The problem is that this doesn't work. action reload gives
> this output, but has no effect on the window:
> DCOPRef(konqueror-*pid*,konqueror-mainwindow#1/action/reload)

I was playing with it a little bit, and it looks like if something gives you a 
DCOPRef, you can then use it as the first argument to the dcop command.

So first I say this, to get the DCOP reference:
$ dcop konqueror-5742 konqueror-mainwindow#1 action reload

And then I call "activate" on what it passed back to me:
$ dcop 'DCOPRef(konqueror-5742,konqueror-mainwindow#1/action/reload)' activate

That causes my Konqueror window to reload.

I guess you could combine it all into one line too:
$ dcop `dcop konqueror-5742 konqueror-mainwindow#1 action reload` activate

I guess you can even do it all with one DCOP call:
$ dcop konqueror-5742 konqueror-mainwindow#1/action/reload activate

I wonder what the difference is. Anyway, I hope that helped. :-)
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