gramofile records nothing

Tom Kuiper tbhk at
Fri Aug 22 05:57:25 BST 2003

> From: Martin Fahrendorf <martin at>
> To: kde at
> Subject: Re: [kde] gramofile records nothing
> Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 20:09:36 +0200
> I thing the same reason as above, the do not suport arts direkt. Run=20
> every audio-out program on the commandline with artsdsp (like=20
> 'artsdsp audacity'). This program 'emulates' a real /dev/dsp device=20
> for the programs. Most will run with this workaround.
Didn't work for gramofile, alas.  Looks like killing the arts daemon is the
only way to go for now.  At least there is ONE!


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