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Thu Aug 21 19:23:40 BST 2003

(apologies if this is duplicated - I think I got the email address wrong - duh 

Can anyone shed any light on the following problem :

I've been using KDE v. 3.0.3 for some time now on a linux box, but there's a
problem with desktop colour handing (I'm using it in 24/32 bit colour mode by
the way).

I like to set my desktop so that it has a dark background and light text, but
this seems to cause a few problems for some applications; gimp being the most

For example, starting with my custom colours (dark background, pale text), if
I start gimp, I find that all the menus and dialogue boxes show pale text on
a pale background - ie - literally unreadable !

This is the interesting bit - If I now stop gimp, and then from the KDE
control panel change the desktop to the default KDE colours (dark text on a
pale background), apply it, and then change it back to my custom colours, and
apply it, I find that I can restart gimp and it correctly displays the menus
and dialogues in my custom colours.

I could be way off the mark here, but this suggests that KDE isn't correctly
setting the desktop colours when it starts up; this idea being confirmed by
that fact that simply changing the colours to default and then back again
from the KDE Control Centre fixes the problem.

Opera suffers from a similar problem, but I suspect that this is a fault in
Opera rather than KDE. With my custom colours enabled, the menu bar text is
white on white, but the actual menus are correctly displayed as pale text on
a dark background.

...and Mozilla has a habit of displaying black text in dark dialogue boxes
 (or white text in white dialogues) on web forms, but again, this has nothing
 to do with KDE itself.



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