Ugly Konsole fonts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Aug 21 01:58:56 BST 2003

Robert wrote:
> I have Slackware 9.0 running KDE3.1.3.  There is a limited choice of fonts
> available in Konsole. 

The selection for Konsole is limited!  Fixed width fonts ONLY.

>  Some other distros (eg. Debian, Mandrake) have a nice
> Helvetica fixed font.  

I don't know what a "Helvetica fixed font" is.  But, the standard Konsole 
font (Normal, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, Huge) *IS* a sans serif fixed 
font.  If this isn't working, you have a problem.  Probably with FontConfig.

Do you have these fonts:

9x15.pcf.gz < KDE installed

The KDE one may be the problem.  It will be in: "$KDEDIR/share/fonts/". 
The others should be in the: "misc" sub-directory for system fonts.

> How can I transfer these fonts from another distro
> into my Konsole fonts in Slackware?

No, you don't have "Konsole" fonts.  The "Konsole" fonts are not installed 
any different than any other fonts.

Just copy the fonts to a directory (e.g. $HOME/DownLoad) and if TrueType or 
Type1, use the KDE Font Installer to install them using "Administrator Mode".

If you have XFree86 installed, you probably already have the bit-mapped 
Helvetica fonts on your system but it isn't supposed to work in Konsole 
because Konsole is limited to NON-proportional fonts.

> I've tried installing TrueType fonts (as per the Linux Deuglification page),
> but they're not fixed, and aren't available in Konsole.

I have no idea what you did, but that page may be obsolete and/or contain 
instructions for older systems that will NOT work on current ones.


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