Konqueror 3.1.2 and mp3

Ralph Alvy ralvy at compuserve.com
Wed Aug 20 19:06:55 BST 2003

Thanks, himbA. I tried xmms -e %U, but that just loads a screen with the 
player, and nothing happens, even if I hit the play button.

himbA wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using xmms as default player for mp3 files in my kde. upon clicking on 
> link in konqi i get the file enqueued in xmms playlist. This is the command 
> I'm adding mp3 files to the playlist with 
> xmms -e %U
> It works if I load mp3 from local hard drive and also if I load URL from 
> internet.
> Be sure to restart konqi, or at least open a new window, after changing file 
> associations or changes will not be applied.
> regards, himba
> On Wednesday 20 of August 2003 03:59, Ralph Alvy wrote:
>>I upgraded to Konqeror 3.1.2, hoping to solve my mp3 files, but to no
>>avail. I would user this browser as my default browser if it were not
>>for the fact that I can't get mp3 files to load when I click on them at
>>URLs. Mozilla has no problem with this at all, simply using
>>/usr/bin/xmms as the helper application, with no parameters.
>>I have tried all the following with Konqueror's File Associations screen
>>(audo, x-mp3)
>>	xmms
>>	/usr/bin/xmms
>>	xmms %F
>>	xmms %U
>>	xmms -e %U
>>All the above either load the xmms app with no file loaded, or it loads
>>the xmms app with its file list screen, waiting for me to designate a
>>file to play.

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