krecord data dropouts, more info

Tom Kuiper tbhk at
Mon Aug 18 05:59:33 BST 2003

> Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 4:47:46 UTC
I wrote:
> I'm trying to record music to a .wav file with krecord but I get a lot of
> dropouts in the recorded data.  The resulting .wav file sounds like a skipping
> CD.  I've got a reasonably fast system (1666.743 MHz processor) and I've
> deleted all other processes so my desktop is empty, except for krecord and
> one terminal window.  I've tried the audio buffer with its default size and
> with both extremes.  Results vary but none are satisfactory.
> Also, and this may be a clue, this evening for the first time the freq
> spectrum display shows a flat line instead of a spectrum.  I've not seen
> that before.
Some perspicacious person will ask what I did to the system system I saw a
normak spectrum display.  I believe that I installed
which may be relevant and for completeness,
which are probably not.

Best regards

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