krecord data dropouts

Tom Kuiper tbhk at
Mon Aug 18 05:47:46 BST 2003

Greetings all.

I'm trying to record music to a .wav file with krecord but I get a lot of
dropouts in the recorded data.  The resulting .wav file sounds like a skipping
CD.  I've got a reasonably fast system (1666.743 MHz processor) and I've
deleted all other processes so my desktop is empty, except for krecord and
one terminal window.  I've tried the audio buffer with its default size and
with both extremes.  Results vary but none are satisfactory.

Also, and this may be a clue, this evening for the first time the freq
spectrum display shows a flat line instead of a spectrum.  I've not seen
that before.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Best regards

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