CD-ROM in File-Dialog Speedbar, How?

Dik Takken D.H.J.Takken at
Thu Aug 14 22:12:59 BST 2003


I want to be able to open files from a cd-rom drive without having to
manually mount it from the command-line or having to go to the desktop
and mount the device there. I guess the only way to do that (except for
using autofs, but I *hate* autofs) is to put CD-ROM drives in the
speedbars of my KDE File Dialogs. I can add anything to my speedbar by
editing the 'kdeglobals' file, as long as it has a URL, like:

- floppy:/

But what URL lets me automatically mount and access my CD-ROM?? /mnt/cdrom
does not work. Creating a CD-ROM device link on the desktop and putting
the URL of the link in the speedbar does not work either.

What I need is a URL that I can put in my Speedbar, such that the speedbar
contains a Icon that works exactly like a device link on the desktop: You
click on it, it mounts the device, and you're ready to go.

Many Thanks to anyone who can provide some information about this!

Dik Takken
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