Turning off color constrasting.

Renze de Ruiter renze at ihug.co.nz
Thu Aug 14 02:58:06 BST 2003

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On Thu, 14 Aug 2003 11:03, Peter Losher wrote:

> I like the Dark Blue color settings in KDE 3.1.x, but I rather like having
> black text on a white background.  It works great in konq, but is horrid
> in Kmail, Knode, Kgpg etc, as each line alternates between the background
> color, and dark blue (which is unusable as black text)
> Is there any way to turn off this "line contrasting? (I already turned
> down such an option in the KDE control center to no avail)

Go to Colors in the control center, then in the box labelled Widget Color, 
click on the combobox, scroll to the bottom and select "Alternate Background 
in Lists". Set that to a light color. (ugh, American spelling)

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