kde-3.1.3 is broken

andreas.rau at utoronto.ca andreas.rau at utoronto.ca
Wed Aug 13 20:21:22 BST 2003

After uninstalling kde-3.0.3 I compiled and installed 3.1.3 from source.

1. arts
2. kdelibs
3. kdebase
4. kdenetworks

Everything fine and working up to this point (some applications -konqueror, 
kmail- crashed upon the first start, but ran fine after). I installed kdepim and 
from then on kde would go nuts.

Kde splash screen crashes with SEGFAULT, then kdesktop and kdeinit are fighting 
for every bit of memory they can get. The system is almost not responding during 
that time, but refreshes (or re-initialzes?) the screen every couple of minutes. 
With every refresh a new instance of kdeinit is started (up to about 25). After 
this mess things calm down, the system is usable even through kde menus. All 
applications run, all but kde applications: they wouldn't start.

I reinstalled the entire thing. still the same. Any preliminary guesses? Do you 
need any logs or console outputs?


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