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Olle Viksten olle at
Wed Aug 13 08:27:23 BST 2003

onsdagen den 13 augusti 2003 01.00 skrev Yannick Le Saint:
> > Does anyone know if there is a way to play a movie as background in kde
> > 3.1 and not take to much resources like mplayer or xine which is pretty
> > sufficient?
>  Just look at mplayer manpage, especially the -rootwin option :)

I tried to run mplayer with this option but it didn't work for me.

My first attempt was to create a transparent .png to use as wallpaper and the 
runing mplayer. No luck.

The second attempt was to use mplayer, with all the arguments as a progran in 
KDE's controll center/background. No luck there either.

I've managed to get chbg to run as a program but the drawback is that the 
desktop then becomes invisible.

I think the problem is that KDE puts iteslf over X's root window.


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