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On Sunday 03 August 2003 03:26 am, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Sunday 03 Aug 2003 6:31 am, rbe wrote:
> > Can anyone tell me how to get the recent versions of SpamAssassin
> > to work with Kmail?
> Name        : spamassassin        Version     : 2.44
> Build Date: Thu 06 Feb 2003
> I'm using Mdk9.1 with the SpamAssassin RPM's (including Razor), spamd
> running as a daemon from /etc/rc5.d/ and then using spamc in KMail.
> I've got a number of filters but the one using spamc just uses:
> Match any: Any header contains .*
> pipe through spamc
> (uncheck 'stop filtering if this matches')
> A second filter then uses:
> Match any: any header contains X-Spam-Flag
> Mark as read
> move to trash
> stop filtering
> I also run a spamtrap, which uses this filter:
> Match any: any header contains <spamtrap ID>
> spamassassin -r
> move to trash
> mark as read
> stop filtering
> (spamc doesn't do the -r option)

Thanks.  I"m using Lycoris which uses the old Caldera Workstation file 
arrangments and have SpamAssassin set for the user.  I'll try and see 
if it will work.

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