Manually setting a session

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Sun Apr 27 13:18:33 BST 2003

On Saturday 26 April 2003 11:06 am, Harmen Schaap wrote:
> On Saturday 26 April 2003 15:14, Derek Fountain wrote:
> > Since upgrading to KDE-3.1 I've not been able to get to grips with the
> > session handling. It used to be that on log out, you were asked whether
> > you wanted to save the current session. If you said yes, that's what you
> > got when you logged back in.
> Have you tried Control Panel -> KDE Components -> Session Manager ??

Yea, I found that, and I set it to "restore a manually saved session" and late 
yesterday realized the changes made here.  I have to manually save a session 
from the KDE Menu, and not when I logout.

But the icons still DO NOT sort properly when I log in.  I have this scrambled 
MESS, that I have to manually sort out every time.  I have looked all through 
Control panel and I cannot find the "auto sort" am I blind here too?

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