A bunch of KDE questions

Brian Kendig brian at enchanter.net
Sat Apr 26 18:54:09 BST 2003

On Friday, April 25, 2003, at 10:40  PM, James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> Brian Kendig wrote:
>> - My fonts in the KDE 3.1 Konsole are screwed up.
> Your font system is screwed up.  What are you using?  How did you 
> install Qt?

I'm using whatever Debian sid (unstable) installed by default.  Yeah, I 
know, this is probably a consequence of using unstable... but KDE 3.1 
hasn't made it into testing yet.  :)

>> - I managed to get audio working, but my system bell isn't dinging 
>> any more.
> You may have a corrupted: "~/.kde/share/config/kcmbellrc" file. Delete 
> it and restart KDE.  This should fix it, but if not, the switch for 
> what to use for the bell is in: "kdeglobals" under the: "[General]" 
> key:
> 	UseSystemBell=true

That line is in that file, and I deleted kcmbellrc and later rebooted, 
but the bell still isn't making any noise.  Does the bell require artsd 
to be running?  It's not, though other KDE system event sounds work 

>> - How do I install a new KDE theme?  'KAlloy' from themes.kde.org 
>> looks neat, but it wants me to install it by specifying the 'prefix' 
>> and 'libdir' directories.
> The 'prefix' is where you installed KDE.  If your KDE executables are 
> in: "/usr/bin/" then your 'prefix' is: "/usr".

Thanks!  The 'alloy' theme configure gets a ways along now, but then it 
fails with an error: "checking for libz... configure: error: not found. 
Check your installation and look into config.log".  config.log says 
that it was unable to find zlib.h, but that file exists in 
/usr/include/linux.  I edited the 'configure' script to give that 
file's exact location, but it still can't find it.  If anyone has had 
more luck compiling a theme, I could use a hand!

>> - Is there a graphical battery monitor that I can put in the KDE 
>> panel beside the clock?  I haven't been able to find a battery 
>> monitor yet.
> Probably.  Go to: http://apps.kde.com/ and use the search.

Thank you!  I hadn't known about that site!  I found klaptopdaemon 
which does the trick just fine for me.

>> - Is there a central directory for KDE applications, similar to 
>> '/Applications' on the Mac or 'C:\Program Files' on Windows?
> No.  Not unless you installed KDE in its own directory.  Note that 
> unless you built from source, your distro decided this for you.

That'd be a really handy thing to have.  Right now it looks like if I 
want to find out what KDE applications are available to me, I have to 
go rooting around in /usr/bin and running things to see what happens.

>> - My laptop seems really sluggish when it's running KDE.  Like, for 
>> example, the 1024x768 login screen backdrop takes so long to load 
>> that I've already logged in by the time it appears.
> This appears to be a known bug.

Thanks!  Is there any known workaround, or is there a bug report 
available online?  I'm curious to know what's causing this.

> KDE *appears* slow.  The reason for this is that you do something and 
> then for a while NOTHING happens.

I agree 100% with this.  Using KDE has trained me that when I launch an 
application, I should sit and wait for twenty seconds to see whether it 
actually starts -- I was used to doing this in Unix back in 1993, but 
still having to do this today is just silly.

>> - In your opinion, what are the must-have applications for KDE?
> This is Linux.  You have FREEDOM.  But, there is a top ten list at: 
> http://apps.kde.com/ if you must follow the crowd.

I have freedom... to be completely lost and not know which way to turn. 
  ;)  But that web site is great; thank you for pointing me to it!

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