Missing option to save or not save session

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 26 18:44:18 BST 2003

	I have just recently installed SuSE 8.2 with KDE 3.1.1 (on Laptop, Desktop 
and work workstation), and I have also seen this as a default on SlackWare 
with the same version of KDE.  

	The problem is that I need to be able to log out without re-saving my 
session.  I normally login setup my desktop as I want it to look when I log 
in, then save the session.  But, now I don't even have the option, it just 
does it every time.  I hate that.  I don't know if this is a SuSE thing, or 
what, but I'd like to know what config file to edit and what settings to look 
for to change this back.  I know, I know, I've looked through the Control 
Center, but I must have missed it.
	Not only that but I can't seem to get my icons to sort automatically any 
more, which forces me to have to sort them every time I log in.

See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

	"The act of faith is the obedience of the understanding
	 to God revealing, and the product of that is the obedience
	 of the will to God commanding."
		Matthew Henry, on Romans 1:5

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