Manually setting a session

Derek Fountain derekfountain at
Sat Apr 26 14:14:04 BST 2003

Since upgrading to KDE-3.1 I've not been able to get to grips with the session 
handling. It used to be that on log out, you were asked whether you wanted to 
save the current session. If you said yes, that's what you got when you 
logged back in.

Now that question has gone. There's an option in the control panel's session 
manager tab to restore a manually saved session, which appears to be what I 
want, but I can't find out how to manually save a session. It's getting 
pretty annoying having to restart kbiff, kmix, xosview and the other things I 
always run.

How to I manually set a session?

"...our desktop is falling behind stability-wise and feature wise to KDE 
...when I went to Mexico in December to the facility where we launched gnome, 
they had all switched to KDE3." - Miguel de Icaza, March 2003

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