larryt67 larryt67 at outdrs.net
Tue Apr 15 03:24:25 BST 2003

> > --------------------
> > The following AGP chipsets are supported by NVIDIA's AGP; for all other
> > chipsets it's recommended that you use the AGPGART module.
> Just wondering, I have used the command lspci for below, but would this
> display the AGP chipset as well ?
> 00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8377 [KT400 AGP] Host Bridge
Yes, it did, the VT8377 just above, I would assume a later model than the 8371
mentioned in the nvidia 'readme'.

For now though lets make sure of a few things. First , make sure you DID 
change  the "nv" to "nvidia" in your XF86Config-4 file, that's the first 
thing. :)

Next, I'm not sure if your NVIDIA drivers are installed or not as you said you 
built RPMS , installed them, and maybe uninstalled, but maybe I'm just dense 
in that respect. :)
Do 'rpm -qa | grep NVIDIA' to see what it gives you. This will tell you if 
they were installed as RPMS.

Do 'ls -l /dev/*nvidia*' should get 2 files 
You can also read your /var/log/nvidia-install.log  to see what it says about 
the success or failure of your install.
You can do as root 'lsmod' to see if the 'nvidia' driver is installed, I 
notice mine also shows the agpgart driver installed also but not sure I'm 
using it.
Also, it is a good idea (recommended) to do your installing from the command 
line before you  login to X.  Sounded like you installed from within X and 
then tried to logout and log back in. Not saying this won't work, just not 
So If it doesn't appear you have the drivers installed after doing the above 
checks I recommend you reinstall them, which won't do any harm even if they
are already installed. I have had good luck with the '4943-run' file on a 
number of occasions, it's quick and slick and tells you about success or 
failure. It's much easier and quicker than using the source or RPMS ,however
they may not work for every system.
Right after you install do some of those command querries above to see what 
you have.
If none of that helps then I think you may need to delve deeper into the 
NVIDIA help files and maybe do a google search for something like 'AMD 
NVIDIA' or some such combination. Also I think there might be a discusson 
forum on the NVIDIA site , not sure.

Let us know how you come out.

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