startx and kde

tyche tyche at
Sat Apr 12 21:33:19 BST 2003

i compiled most of kde from source over the last week, and today i was able to 
finish d/l xf86 4.3.0 and got it installed using the script.

the problem stems from the fact that i answered some question or other wrong 
during the install.

now startx starts something called twm and all i get on my desktop are 3 
xterms. to get kde on it, i have to type startkde in one of the xterms then 
kwin does not load because of twm.

any ideas?

the startx script from rh is the same as the startx from, so that 
isnt the problem.

where does xfree load its window manager? (the stock xfree that is, not the 
one from rh)

any responces are appreciated,



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