[kde] Howdy all...

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Apr 12 20:07:35 BST 2003

Matt Heaton wrote:
> Hi, new KDE user here and I have a question I hope you can answer.
> I am using KDE 3.1 and have the main panel on the right side of the
> screen and have it about 120 pixels wide (Just how I like it when I run
> windows (Bad word in here I know).  My question is when I do this the
> other icons on the panel are HUGE.  They scale bigger when I increase my
> panel width.  This is very annoying... Is there a way to make my panel
> wider WITHOUT the icons for other progs added to the panel getting
> bigger?  Or possibly a way to fix the size of the icons on the panel?  
> If this isn't something that can be done then I *REALLY* think it should
> be added.  

Yes, I posted this idea on: kde-devel a while ago, and nobody 
seemed to like it.



I also note that the maximum width is only 128 and it needs to be 
132 to accommodate 128 + 2*2 for the boarders.

There was/is a bug with the clock size.


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