filenames-Konqueror+Different encodings

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sat Apr 12 19:43:22 BST 2003

Christos Vasilakis wrote:
> hello there, i have some files on a cd and the filenames are in greek, 
> using konqueror though the filenames are replaced with ?. Any way to fix 
> it? Does konqueror support filenames using different encodings?
> Tried to set encoding to iso* in the preferences dialog but it didn't work

 From the Os's point of view, the file names are not "in greek", 
they are in an encoding.  If they were in ISO-8859-something, you 
wouldn't have gotten '?'s, you would have gotten gibberish.  So, 
I would guess that the CD has UTF-8 file names.  Did you try 
enabling UTF-8 file names?


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