[kde-promo] Re: Re: Re: Re: WSJ Strikeout and TypeHeads [LONG]

Andreas Pour pour at mieterra.com
Fri Apr 11 08:48:56 BST 2003

Neil Stevens wrote:

[ ... ]

> > 1.) Boss reads about new product / technology and then asks the middle
> > management to report if they are already doing an evaluation.
> Like I said, any company where the boss constantly has his people jumping
> from one fad to the next isn't going to do KDE much good. :-)

And you know anything about how corporations work from . . . what exactly?
> > 2.) middle management wants tointroduce a technology and when they
> > present their ideas to the boss it helps them a _lot_ if the boss can
> > say: "Yeah I already know,... some hot stuff..... go for it...)
> This is true, but does require us to have already convinced the technical
> managers.  Swaying the "lazy journalists" gets us nowhere on that front.

And you can make that statement based on . . . what exactly?


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