Memory leaks?

Peter Gostelow gostelow at
Wed Apr 9 23:47:00 BST 2003

On Friday 28 March 2003 15:51, Michael D Green wrote:
> It appears as if some software I use routinely has a memory leak. And that
> my system does not clean up the resultant garbage.
> I'm running KDE 3.0.5 with SuSE 8.0.
> KDE System Guard shows that over a period of an hour or so (perhaps much
> less) after startup the physical memory usage increases to very near the
> maximum available (384 MB) and swap memory starts to be used. With time the
> amount of swap memory being used increases, but never seems to decrease.
> And the physical memory stays near saturation. It will decrease a little
> when I shut down an application. But there seems to be some overall
> rachetting, which makes me think there is a memory leak somewhere.
I had exactly the same problem using KDE 3.0.4. I suspect the konqueror/java 
combo was the cause.

Upgrading to KDE 3.1and Java (blackdown 1.4.x) 'solved' it.

Yes, Linux does use as much available memory as it needs, but eating up swap 
space (250mb) until it spends minutes swapping - even after closing all apps, 
shows there is a real problem. This hasn't happened (yet) with 3.1 and 
Konqueror is more robust.

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