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Filippo Spanò filippo.spano at
Wed Apr 2 16:38:08 BST 2003

of course is non a word processor adjustment>!!!

If it were in that way, gedit and emacs would not work!

First it's a problem of Kate and Text editor, second it's
a problem of system.

So, someone can respond to me and the group:

why also in my man pages the specials characters are not displayed?

why in place of theme appeaer a little SQUARE?!?

why also in the header of the KDE-GUI-WINDOWS appeaer a little 
square in place of à è etc?!?

I use KDE 3.0.x, RH8, italian distro



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On Wednesday 02 April 2003 3:37 am, Filippo Spanò wrote:
> Hallo Ingo,
> I tried to change encoding to CP1252 but result is the same. I also 
> tried to close and re-open the text editor, but :-(
> Perhaps I should save the file with another encoding, so this morning 
> I've installed Editpad Lite, an excellent text editor for win.
> Attachments list of files saved in WinXP-Zoz
> - Notepad_ANSI.txt:    saved with ANSI encoding
> - Notepad_Unicode.txt:  "    "    Unicode  "
> - Notepad_UTF8.txt:	"    "    UTF8	 "
> - Editpad.txt:	     default saving of EditPad (I don't know the
> encoding type) - Editpad_unix.txt:    converted to unix then saved in
> EditPad

On every system I've been on, this has been an OS or desktop adjustment 
-- not a word processor adjustment.  I set my keyboard to US English 
with dead keys and type 'e to produce é.  I can also use it to set a 
German keyboard to produce similar characters.  And they work just fine 
in OOo.

Robert Black Eagle
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