mozilla compiled with qt?

Paulo Dias pcd at
Wed Sep 25 09:00:10 BST 2002

hi/2 all...

since mozilla backend (gecko) allows mozilla to be built against gtk, qt, 
etc... anyone knows if mozilla was compiled for qt 3.0.x? if so, could you 
post a link? Also what are the advantages/disadvantages if any of using qt? 
Will mozilla be able to better suport DnD in kde, currently (at least with my 
mozilla 1.1) mozilla is incapable of DnD a link to the desktop and create a 
link, it asks a name for a file, and when given creates a text file BUT only 
with the first character of the link (same behaviour for text).
Also, if i try to DnD a file link to kget, the same thing, kget won't be able 
to use this link with DnD because it can only see the first character.
Maybe mozilla compiled with qt would solve this DnD and maybe other problems i 
didn't encountered?

Anyone to give some light on this one?

P.S. please don't reply saying to use Konqi.. I DO use it, this as nothing to 
do with which browser is better, just pure desktop interoperability.

Using kde 3.1 beta 2 (cvs), qt 3.0.5, slackware 8.1, linux 2.4.19, mozilla 1.1 

Best regards/2 all...

Paulo Dias
pcd at
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icq: 15544538

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