IRC programs for KDE3

Sean McGlynn sean at
Mon Sep 23 18:23:37 BST 2002

On Monday 23 September 2002 12:47, David Findlay wrote:
> I'm trying to reduce my reliance on non-KDE apps, and at the moment I still
> use X-Chat. I've tried KSirc and KVirc, and neither seem to me to be that
> good. They are certainly more cumbersome than XChat. Are there any others
> that are particularly good, and have a similiar feature set to XChat?
> Thanks,

Hello David,

You can try kopete
It's an all in one client for IRC, MSN, AIM etc. etc.

It's under development, but the downloads are fairly stable I'm lead to 

> David

Sean McGlynn
sean at
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