Konsole and "screen"

Mick Szucs mick at onramp.ca
Mon Sep 23 15:25:20 BST 2002

Hi all,

I've hunted high and low for the answer to this question, to no avail.  

When I'm running multiple sessions via 'screen,' Konsole's scrollback
buffer doesn't catch text that moves beyond the visible area.  This is
true both on my local system or via an xterm shell on other boxes.

The Konsole 1.1.1 changelog for Konsole says "Fixed support for screen,"
but I'm unable to find further information.

I'm assuming that this is a configuration issue, and not a bug, as
scrollback doesn't seem to have been a problem for any ssh-clients that
I've used in the Windows world.

Insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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