redhat's new desktop policy

Andreas Pour pour at
Tue Sep 17 08:59:20 BST 2002

Kevin Krammer wrote:
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> On Tuesday, 17. September 2002 06:57, Andreas Pour wrote:
> > ideal.  But Qt licensing subsequently improved.  If the effort put into
> > GNOME had gone into KDE - products like Evolution, Nautilus, etc. -
> > then Linux would have one damn fine desktop now.  And Palladium might
> > not be looming as the impending doom of all Open Source.
> Dre, usually you're the one reminding people that developer time and
> other contributions cannot be shifted from one project to the other.
> Usually the number of people who would have worked on the other project
> is quite small.

Well, I noted Evolution and Nautilus in particular b/c they were sponsored by
venture capital and hence did not rely on volunteers.  Also, with the $13
million spent on Nautilus, I think KDE could have been improved a lot :-).

But that really misses the main point, the fact that fragmentation will kill
the Linux desktop just like it killed Unix servers and like it has killed any
other market that I can think of that competed against a unified standard (and
in this case that unified standard is already a monopoly, making it even
harder to unseat).


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