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Amir Tal tal at
Mon Sep 16 22:05:52 BST 2002

you all (i am guessing here..) read slashdot, so i guess you saw the article 
speaking about the new policy RH are taking in their new beta.

i am reffering to the fact that they decided to "unite" some parts of the 
gnome and kde desktops, including making code changes in some of the above 
projects, in order to gain sharing of some components in those desktop 

i switched to debian a few weeks ago, so i couldnt care less what RH are doing 
on their future releases, but i do find it kind of offensive that they have 
the nurve (yes, i do believe its nurve) to decide for their users what will 
their desktop look like.
its true that you can always remove the default packages and compile\install 
your own, but why would a user want to go into all that truble ?
new users should not have a problem with this new approach, and they may even 
like the new artwork implemented there, but what about old timers, that want 
their desktop set just the way they like it ?

in my opinion, this is starting to look like a classic MS scenario, which i 
definetly dont like.
is this where linux is going from now ? 
doesnt seem so much of a "free choice" now, does it ?

kde is kde, gnome is gnome, and thats the way its suppose to be.
you want a new desktop ? a united desktop ? a uniqe desktop ? go ahead, but 
dont *force* users to use it.

they could at least let you choose if you WANT it or not (which they dont)

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translated article on :

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