How to change fontsize in the Help system ?

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Mark Constable wrote:

> > I was kinda hoping someone would know just the right XML config file
> to edit so I could change one number from 12 to 24.

KHelpCenter uses your default KHTML settings.  For 3.1b configure the 
fonts in KControl -> Web Browser -> Fonts.  You can set a minimum 
global font size here.  For other versions, it's in various places, 
most commonly it used to be in an "Appearance" tab under Konqueror's 
configuration, most easily reached by "Settings -> Configure Konqueror" 
while running Konq itself.  For many versions of KDE, you can also set 
a per encoding font choice, and if this is the case, make sure the 

If you have really special needs (low contrast colors, large font sizes, 
anything else) you can configure a custom stylesheet in KControl -> Web 
Browser -> Stylesheets.  You can choose a hand written one 
("user-defined stylesheet") or you can use the Customize tab in this 
module to create one with a GUI.

All these configure all HTML rendering KDE wide, if you really need to 
you can just change KHelpCenter - I can't imagine why, because, 
KHelpCenter doesn't set any fonts at all, using the system defaults.  
The file to edit is 
which is a standard CSS file, and copy it to 
$KDEDIR/share/doc/HTML/<yourlang>/common/kde-localized.css .  You can 
add anything you like here (be very careful with syntax, CSS by design 
stops processing all further instructions if you make an error):

body {  color: black;
        font-size: 10pt;        }

kde-localized.css is processed last, if it exists, and anything set in 
this file "wins".  Since the kde-localized.css file is not installed 
directly by KDE, only the template, it will survive upgrades and new 
installations, but if you choose this route, do keep a copy.

And finally, if the issue is you're using very large screen dimensions, 
and that is making the fonts very small, try running X with higher DPI: 
startx -- -dpi 120 & ought to do the trick (you'll probably find in 
fact, you have to adjust all your font sizes down not up, after 

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