SpamAssassin in Kmail?

Greg Day gregday at
Thu Sep 12 01:58:06 BST 2002

Actually the rules for setting up SpamAssassin specifically do address KMail.  
It says to setup 2 filters, one that pipes through the command

"spamassassin -P -F 0"

And a second filter to check for the header "X-Spam-Status" and what to do 
with it, (move to Trash, etc...)

I suggest you read the docs again...


On Wednesday 09-11-2002 11:08 pm, Robert Black Eagle wrote:
> I just got a copy of SpamAssassin.  The web site gives lots of directions
> for configuiing it for Sendmail and Windows, but none for Kmail.  I have
> heard it can be configured to run with Kmail.  Does anyone know of a source
> for a HOWTO for this issue?

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