kmail - web browser - security - off?

Brian T. Schellenberger bts at
Wed Sep 11 22:59:12 BST 2002

When kmail is about to bring up a web browser, it first checks to see if 
the URL needs a userid/password.  If it then invokes konquerer, this is 
cool because it uses the combo to authenticate.

But if it proceeds to bring up galeon it is *very* annoying because 
galeon is gonig to check the passwords itself right after kmail did.

And I use galeon's password manager to remember some of my passwords, so 
I don't really want for kmail to be in charge of them.

How can I get kmail to, when I click on the url *just* run my command 
for handling http: and *not* bother checking anything ahead of time?

Brian, the man from Babble-On . . . .   bts at (personal)
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