Keyboard repeat/Quick browse issues

Sean McGlynn sean at
Sun Sep 8 23:00:17 BST 2002

Hello Jay,

On Sunday 08 September 2002 21:20, Jay Mallar wrote:
> I'm using KDE 2.2.2 (via Debian/Woody).  I have two issues that have
> been bothering me.
> 1) I have keyboard repeat on, and for some reason, it toggles itself off
> occasionally.  I just have to go back in and turn it back on, but gosh,
> that's annoying.  Is this a bug?  Been happening with the last two KDE
> versions I've used, including this one.  Is there a keystroke sequence I
> could be hitting that's doing it?

Certain applications might be turning it off (or altering it in some way) as 
it might conflict with the way they want you to use the keyboard when running 
them. They should revert it to its previous setting when they've finished 
with it, but some don't I guess. You might want to run through the most 
common apps/games etc. that you run and see if the keyboard repeat has been 
switched off after each one. This is the most logical explanation if it only 
happens occasionally. Let us know if you find an offending app.

> 2) I have a Quick Browser icon on my toolbar that, when clicked, brings
> up a directory that I can "browse" through.  The problem I have is that
> this listing isn't updating itself.  My previous KDE installation didn't
> have this problem, but when I installed 2.2.2, it stopped working.
> Nothing I do, short of shutting down KDE, seems to make the listing
> refresh. I added a new document to the directory hours ago, and "ls"
> shows it's there, but the quick browser isn't reporting it.  How can I
> fix this?

On my old 2.2, the same problem occurs, although it's more random in that 
sometimes the QB does update. One way to cheat without restarting KDE is to 
right click on the panel and select Preferences. Then just press OK on the 
dialogue. The QB should be updated.
Someone out there might want to say whether things work okay for them in KDE3 
(or I will when I've got it compiled :-)

> Thanks
> Jay

Sean McGlynn
sean at

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