Konqueror cannot write to samba shares, or can it?

Adriaan.Putter at aventis.com Adriaan.Putter at aventis.com
Wed Sep 4 10:07:06 BST 2002

hi there,

i'm having trouble with Konqueror in save or creating files
on a samba share?

my samba is set up correctly, permissions is correct and 
everythings works.

when i use smbclient to connect to the share i can create
or copy files to the share and create directories.

But with Konqueror i can't copy files to the samba drive
for example:

	on file://home/adriaan/mydocs.tgz
	rigth click and select copy

	then i want to paste it into

	but there is no pasting option

	click and drag also nothing

when i look at the file permissions that is
displayed in Konqueror it all shows r--r--r--

are there something you need to set in Konqueror make
is writable, or doesn't Konqueror support writing to the
smb:// protocol?



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