Equivalent of Sawfish "Run shell command" in KDE?

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Mon Sep 2 23:54:06 BST 2002

Le Lundi 2 Septembre 2002 23:26, Kenneth Jacker a écrit :
>   mh> To associated a keyboard shortcut, you can go to yout menu
>   mh> configurator and select the application which you would like to
>   mh> have a keyboard shortcurt associated. There is an option there
>   mh> to enable quick-launch with a keyboard sequence.
> Does this only work in v3.0.3 of /kde/?

I have kde3.0.2 and cvs, they both work

> I've been trying to use the technique using v3.0.0 without luck.
> I ran /kmenuedit/, added a new command, associated F11 with it, 
> and "applied" the change.

Do you have effectively the botton aside the label 'current shorcut key' with 
the content [F11] (without the brackets)

>  However, hitting F11 does nothing ...
Maybe you should first try to associate a key to a working 'icon'.
Reasons why it doesn't work could be:
	1.Even if you click on the new menu created, nothing is happening (then you 
know where the problem is :) )
	2.Your system shortcuts is already using F11 (check in kontrol panel), if so 
you'll need to release this key for your own purpose
	3.The window that has the focus is also using the F11 key (for instance with 
kwrite), and it catches the key and keeps it for itself. (go and change the 
source code! :p)

Good luck :)

> Thanks,
>   -Kenneth

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