How to change fontsize in the Help system ?

Ralf Sternberg ralf.sternberg at
Sun Sep 1 19:18:06 BST 2002

Am Sonntag,  1. September 2002 18:11 schrieb Bob Ramsey:

> Am I the only one that sees this as a usability issue? Having a
> similar icon, a magnifying glass, for two very different features is
> annoying.
> ...

No, you're not. I agree, one symbol should not be mapped with different
actions, that's confusing. Although the magnifying glass isn't a very
natural mapping for searching, it is introduced already.

On the other hand, decreasing the font size using a magnifying glass
- even one with a little minus - isn't very obvious to me, too.
I find the A+ A- symbols more plausible.

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