Icon sizes. . .

Sean McGlynn sean at tmiau.com
Sun Jun 30 00:24:53 BST 2002

On Saturday 29 June 2002 23:41, Terry wrote:
> It would be REALLY nice if future releases of KDE would allow one to have
> desktop icon sizes seperate from other icons.  On my laptop I prefer 48
> sized dt icons and 32 sized for everything else.  Yes it can be done with
> some trickery, but it's a pain.
Interesting comment; perhaps you should add it as a wishlist item over at 

> But with that said. . .hasn't Gnome 2
> fallen flat on it's face? Thank goodness for KDE!
Ignorant comment; perhaps you should keep it to yourself.

Sean McGlynn
sean at tmiau.com
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