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Thu Jun 27 22:31:39 BST 2002

On Thu, 27 Jun 2002, JW wrote:

> I'm _not_ trying to start a flame war.

   Nor am I, but I'm also somewhat baffled - but I can at least help you.

> About every 3 months I looks at KOffice's filter status, and I am now
> totally baffeld that Word and Excel documents are importable, yet the
> export entry says "none"

   To export to Word, simply export as RTF, and save it as Report.doc (or
whatever you want with a .doc extension).  All versions of Word (at least
Word 95 and beyond) will read it without a problem.

   It would seem to me that simply cross referencing the RTF code and
having it default to a .doc extension and calling it "Microsoft Word
Format" in the export would be a Good Thing, if not precisely true.  It
would certainly assist and enable end users... and if that's not the
objective of KOffice, please feel free to disabuse me of that notion. :)

Evan "the other JW" E.

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