Need help with setting file type properties of desktop icons (newbie like)

Harry G harrycg at
Thu Jun 27 22:15:42 BST 2002

For my CD icons (I have 2 CD-R's), in the Edit File Type window, I have:

Under the General Tab:

in the Filename Patterns box   *.desktop and *.kdelink

In the Application Preference Order box, I have, in order, KsCD and Konqueror.

Under the Embeddign Tab:

Left Click Action is set for Use settings for 'application' group.

In the Services Preferences Order box, I have Detailed List View

Data CD's open fine.  Music CD's give me an error:

Could not mount device

The error was: /dev/cdrecorder1: input/output error.
mount: I coudl not determine the filesystem type, and none was specified.

How do I set it up to launch KsCD for music CD's?

By the way, for some reason, I have an icon labeled CD-Rom, with the same 
properties. (Remember I have 2 CD-R's, which are on the desktop as CD-R and 
CD-R2).  Is this for music CD's or something?  (Suse put it there, not me).


Harry G
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