Large file copies using too much CPU time

Dan Stone dan at
Sun Jun 23 22:06:52 BST 2002

Not always -- the problem manifests itself whether I'm just in a Konsole 
window unpacking a sizeable archive, or just copying files back and forth in 
Konqueror windows (or even just copying large files across partitions in 

Maybe I screwed up compiling arts somehow? *shrug* =P

~D. A. Stone

> Hi
> Do you have a Konqueror window open browsing the destination directory?
> If so that could be the problem - I think what happens is that there are
> ways too many 'file has been updated' messages causing Konq to update
> itself lots and munch CPU.  Closing that Konq (or going to a different
> directory) should cause it to calm down a bit.
> Of course it arts is the guilty thing then it couldbe summat completely
> different.
> Cheers
> Shane
> On Sunday 23 June 2002 9:03 pm, Dan Stone wrote:
> > This is something I've been having problems with for a while, but after
> > moving a large section of video files from one drive to another, it
> > finally got to me to the point that I figured I'd ask to see if anyone
> > knew a solution:
> >
> >  I'm running kinda a built-from-scratch linux system, using kernel
> > 2.4.18, and using KDE 3.0.1 as my windowmanager...whenever large files
> > are copied from one partition to another, there's a bit of a delay, then
> > CPU usage spikes to 100%, and the entire system basically locks up until
> > the hard disk write is done.  (The file systems are all EXT2)  The guilty
> > process, of all things, is artsd!  Are there any known bugs about artsd
> > doing this, or did I just flub something up along the way?  Any ideas on
> > what could be done to fix this? Thanks!
> >
> > ~D. A. Stone
> >
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