GPG-kmail1.4.1 problem

Ignacio C√°rdenas iakynet at
Sun Jun 23 19:10:03 BST 2002

El Dom 23 Jun 2002 16:12, Raphael Mack escribió:
> Hello,
> when I try to encrypt an email with kmail (using kmail 1.4.1) a window
> pops up where I should choose the key to encrypt the message with.
> That's fine but I can only use my own public keys. All other keys are
> marked with a red cross and when I select them the ok-button is
> disabled.
> What can I do to write encrypted emails to other people?
> Signing mails works perfectly...
> Thanks,
> Rapha


You need to sign the keys in your public ring with your private key. Follow 
this steps:

#gpg --edit-key id_key

where 'id_key' is the id of a public key in your ring. Now type:


the system will ask you for the trust level that you want to give to this 
key... i don't remember... i think you need to give the greatest level.

And that's all!. Only type 'save' and now you can use kmail to encrypt your 
mails with this public key. Repeat with all your public keys... but be sure 
this public keys are really from your friends, because you are giving all 
your trust to this keys.


I think my english is too bad... sorry :-)
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