Roaming User Profiles

Christian Müller cmueller at
Wed Jun 19 23:50:09 BST 2002

Am Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2002 01:10 schrieb Dylan:
> When logging in to a second terminal not remembering that another is logged
> in, I've found that KDE crashes out with a ?DCOP error - thus preventing
> login. 

Yes, I experienced the same when I logged into my workstation from a remote machine 
using xdmcp while another KDE session was already running locally (with the same user).

> And no, it shouldn't lead to to data corruption/loss because if a
> file is already open/in use it should be locked by the owning process
> (hence crash, perchance?)

In any case you won't be able to work fully with your KDE apps from 
the second machine, will you?   Any idea how to solve this? 
Not that I need this very often though :-)
But it still shouldn't crash...


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