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JW jw at
Wed Jun 19 06:10:32 BST 2002

On Tuesday 18 June 2002 09:20 pm, Adam Luchjenbroers wrote:
> > before all of the helpful hints bombard this post, i know there
> > is a back door - but root should at least have the capabilities
> > of an unprivileged user under ANY circumstances.  red makes me
> > angry!
> Try looking in .xinitrc, either that or some other script (someone will
> tell you which).
> Its set up like that (BG defaults to red for root on mandrake, but is
> changeable) to remind you where you are. I have left mine like that for
> that reason.
> It is your choice though. Do as you will.

What on earth is the problem? RIght click on your desktop and choose another wallpaper, as well as another background color, just as you would as any other user.

I'm on SuSE right now and just tried it, it works perfectly normally.

Does it really take all that much brain power to figre that out?

Oh, and bu the way: Don't run as root. That's why the ugly wall paper is there, to scare you away.

Log in as a normal user and use su - and sux to do what you need to as root.

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