Why KDE?

Gerhard den Hollander gerhard at jason.nl
Fri Jun 14 07:56:58 BST 2002

* Jannik Lindquist <janniklindquist at moseand.com> (Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 09:38:59AM +0200)

> I am new to Linux and puzzled by the fact that there are no less than
> two different ambitious desktops avaliable. If I have understood
> correctly, GNOME is the oldest of the two projects. Why was KDE created
> when GNOME was already there? After all one of KDE's core tenets is:

> * Use available tools rather than reinventing existing ones!

Choice is good ;)

Why start Gnome (or KDE0 when we already had Enlightment  ?

Why start Enlightment when we already had fvwm ?

Why start fvwm why we already had twm ?

Why start X when yoou have a commandline ;) ...

&c &c &c ....

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